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Led grow light
The safe voltage isolated from the power supply is adopted, and there is no danger of electric shock. The light quality and light intensity are controlled by Modbus. The two wavelengths can be adjusted independently from 0% to 100% to obtain different lig
Scope and object of application
Suitable models: double channel network plant lamp ZPDT812X and its extension models.
System integration engineers, software engineers, hardware engineers, construction and installation personnel, debugging personnel, maintenance personnel, users;
Please read this instruction carefully, strictly follow the instructions for safe use, give full play to the ability of the product.
Product features
Use the safe voltage isolated from the mains, no electric shock danger;
With standard Modbus bus interface and rich software interface instructions, it can be freely integrated into the Modbus bus system for intelligent management. Through the control system, a network of 200,000+ size can be formed, and any one or a group of lamps in the network can be adjusted.
The light quality and light intensity can be controlled by Modbus bus, and the two wavelengths can be adjusted independently from 0% to 100% to obtain different light intensity and light quality. All 665nm, all 445nm and any mixture of the two can be obtained, which is suitable for the whole process of plant growth.
Intelligent thermal management, controlled by intelligent algorithm of lamps and lanterns, the calorific value of lamps and lanterns is controlled to a safe range, so that the light decay is small and the reliability is enhanced;
The thickened shell and broadened aluminum substrate effectively reduce the thermal resistance, so that the lamp has excellent heat dissipation ability, and can be operated continuously at high power;
Dedicated digital drive circuit, all channels, brightness from 0% to 100% full stroboscopic;
Head and tail seamless connection, flexible connection, no exposed wire, can deal with a small amount of deformation of the planting frame.

Application field
The study of plant light supplement, three independent adjustable spectrum, to meet the needs of a variety of scientific research;
Efficient factory production of fruits and vegetables, flowers and medicinal materials;
Applications requiring high light combination quantum flux density;
ZPDT812 is a two-channel plant growth lamp in the shape of T8 with adjustable light quality and intensity. Its peak power can reach more than 60W. ZPDT812 series can run reliably for a long time under its corresponding nominal power.
ZPDT812 has an extremely high power density, and its light quality and intensity can be adjusted to provide different plants with the required light ratio in each growth period, which is very suitable for the experimental environment with close distance and high radiation intensity and the production environment where the planting objects often change.
Through the control of the system, the ZPDT812 can continuously change the light quality and intensity, simulating the change of the light during the four seasons, such as sunrise and sunset.
Under the control of the system, all the ZPDT812 in the system can work according to the preset optical formula, reducing the technical requirements on workers, reducing the intensity of work, according to the automatic way of production, improve the accuracy of work.
ZPDT812 uses the standard Modbus protocol, the user can use the system of ZPDT812 electronic technology co., LTD for management, or ZPDT812 into their own system.

Using the environment
1. Operating temperature range 0℃~+60℃
2. The working humidity range is below 90%RH, without condensation
3. Storage temperature range: -35℃~+65℃
4. The storage humidity range is below 90%RH, without condensation
5. Indoor installation place
6. Protection class IP65 (IEC 60529) /JIS D0203

Fixed installation
The first step: install the hanging board, the first two hanging board is installed on the target plane, the plane can be any direction according to the demand, the distance is 1/2 to 3/4 of the total length of the lamp tube, each lamp tube with two hanging board;
Step 2: pry open the connector protection piece on the lamp plug and pull out the connector;
The third step: push the lamp into the hanging board, depend on the elastic fixed lamp tube of two hanging boards;
Step 4: Connect the male and heads, tighten the nuts, and push the lamps to the predetermined position.
We can provide additional installation accessories according to customer requirements, for various forms of installation, such as hanging installation.
Note: Please make reasonable planning before installation;

Wiring instructions and precautions
ZPDT812 dual-channel intelligent series adopts 4-core waterproof connector to connect the circuit, each lamp has a male head and a head, lamps and lanterns are connected through the connector end to end, the maximum current on the connector does not exceed 10A.
A controller can be connected to 64 devices (lamps), in a small system, commonly used below 500W switching power supply, use to reserve more than 10% of the power margin, such as a bus connected to multiple lamps, more than the load capacity of the switching power supply, can be segmsegmized power supply.
The waterproof connector of the new lamps and lamps is hidden in the plug at both ends. When it is needed to be connected, the protective piece with the scissors mark on the plug is pry off with a word batch, and the connector can be pulled out.

ZPDT812 electrical performance parameters
Input voltage 45 ~ 52VDC;
Maximum input current 1.4A;
Power consumption 0.05-36W (ZPDT812-36), 0.05-45W (ZPDT812-45), 0.05-60W (ZPDT812-60);
Note: In order to give full play to the capability of lamp bead and radiator, when only one channel works, it can work at maximum power, which is limited by hardware;
When there are two and upper channels working at the same time, they can operate at the maximum power set by the software.
Under the above two working conditions, the lamps are operating under the rated power.

Optical performance parameters of ZPDT812
Red wavelength: 665nm;
Blue wavelength: 445nm;
Electro - optical conversion efficiency: about 40%;
Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) : 66(ZPDT812-30), 80(ZPDT812-36), 99 mol/s(ZPDT812-45), 132 mol/s(ZPDT812-60)
Light quality ratio: all red, all blue, both arbitrary ratio, digital control.